Lazy diet: the easiest and safest way to lose weight

Another confirmation that the new is the old well forgotten. The essence of the diet for sloths is the proper use of water. This is the rule that our grandmothers adhered to. By following the simple rules described in this article, you can get rid of excess weight in just one month.

Benefits of a lazy diet

Compared to other ways to lose weight, a lazy water diet helps you do it more comfortably, without the risk of a breakdown and the accompanying psychological trauma.

girl drinks water on a lazy diet
  1. If you strictly follow all the rules, you can eat anything. It is not necessary to count calories, think over the menu and cook only dietary meals, take care of the method of heat treatment.
  2. There is no constant feeling of hunger, due to the fact that water fills the entire volume of the stomach. In addition, its zero caloric content.
  3. The work of the internal organs improves, the body is cleansed, which favorably affects the condition of the skin; all this is favored by a large amount of fluid consumed.
  4. Water is an excellent metabolic catalyst. Thanks to her, the body burns calories faster, turning them into energy. The body immediately begins to wake up, general well-being improves, and drowsiness disappears.
  5. The lazy diet can be followed anywhere: on vacation, at work or at home. No special training or lifestyle changes are required.

But the most important advantage of a sloth diet is that you can enjoy your favorite treats, especially during the holidays. You just need to drink the required amount of fluid in advance and lose weight with pleasure.

Factors that affect the rate of weight loss

Losing excess weight is an individual process and depends on the body losing weight. Diet for lazy people, is famous only for positive reviews. Thanks to the water diet, you can lose 5-12 kg in a month.

Factors on which the rate of weight loss depends:

  • The food a person eats. Despite the fact that you can eat anything, it should be remembered that an excessive abundance of fats, starches and sweets slows down the process of losing weight. It is also desirable to slightly reduce the amount of salt.
  • The total mass of excess weight. The process goes faster, the more it is. In slender and thin people, the body loses excess weight much more slowly.
  • Years. The older the person, the worse the metabolism. It is easier for young people to lose weight.

But in many respects the effect depends on the person himself. Some on a water diet lose 1 kg per week, others achieve weight loss of up to 5 kg in the same period. Physical activity will speed up the weight loss process. Physical education will not allow you to lose elasticity and sag the skin if a person has a large amount of excess weight.

water diet for sloths

Recommendations and basic rules.

It is advisable to go on a lazy diet once a year, no more than three weeks. But if there is a good reason to repeat it, it is necessary to maintain a break between diet cycles of at least a month. The useful acquired habit of drinking water shortly before meals can be applied in daily nutrition, but you will have to slightly reduce the amount of liquid.

Strict adherence to the basic rules will allow you to achieve success in the fight against extra pounds in the shortest possible time.

  1. Following the rules of the diet for sloths, it is important to drink only pure water without gas. Do not drink anything with meals and for at least the next hour. After the allotted time, you can drink tea, coffee or infusions.
  2. Water should only be consumed raw and always at room temperature. During heat treatment, water loses most of its useful minerals and salts. Hot - speeds up metabolism and adjusts the body to food intake, while starting the work of the digestive tract.
  3. Water should be drunk not only 20 minutes before the main meal, but also before minor snacks, be it fruit, crackers or seeds. As a rule, for many, the desire to have a snack disappears only because of the need to drink 2 glasses of liquid.

Water should always be close. You can buy a small bottle of the desired volume, so that there are no difficulties in measuring the required amount of liquid.

Diet for lazy - an approximate menu

Before starting a diet, it is advisable to consider an approximate diet. Strict adherence to hourly food intake will increase performance at times. Increasing the consumption of raw fruits and reducing sweet, fatty, floury and smoked meats also contribute to the rapid elimination of excess weight.

lazy diet foods

The daily diet menu for sloths looks like this:

Hour Menu

7: 40 - 2 glasses of clean water.

8: 00 - the usual breakfast.

9: 15 - 9: 30 - coffee or tea without sugar.

9: 30 – 12: 40 Unlimited pure still water

12: 40 - 2 glasses of still water.

13: 00 - Lunch with any content of dishes and calories.

14: 15 - 14: 30 tea or coffee without sugar.

14: 30 – 17: 40 Clean water at room temperature in any quantity

17: 40 - 2 glasses of clean water.

18: 00 - dinner to taste.

19: 15 - 19: 30 any sugar-free drinks.

19: 30 – 7: 40 In case of hunger, you can drink a little water.

Main contraindications

Due to the use of a large volume of water, many useful substances begin to be removed from the body, especially magnesium, sodium and calcium. During the diet, it is advisable to start drinking a complex of vitamins and minerals.

Contraindications for choosing this method of weight loss:

  • Third semester of pregnancy and lactation.
  • Diseases of the excretory system, such as problems with the kidneys, bladder, etc.
  • If there is a calcium deficiency in the body.
  • You can not maintain a diet for children under 16 years of age.

Before starting a diet, people with diseases of the cardiovascular system should consult a doctor. It is also not advisable to choose this method for those who do not like to drink water.